Friday, May 21, 2010

my last dok kt uma... huaarrrggghhh...

2day is my last day dok kt uma...hmmm esk da nk kne grk g shah alam, then hr ahad da kne dftr kt uitm shah alam. mcm x cayer je da nk kne blaja kt luar. x leh dok kt uma lg. rse cm ssh je nk cri kwn kt sne, a la x reti nk tegur org wat kwn.. mcm nie ar agknye farah rse hari 2 mse die nk dftr kt matrik tangkak. farah da lps dugaan, da dpt kwn bru, da mle blaja jd bdk kolej.. lps sorg, sorg kuar dr mersing nie.. lps nie zayana n shobi plak. mama da sah2 pndh. hailooo... gossip girls akhrnye t'pisah gak lps 2 thn dok sme2 dlm klas n da jd cm adik bradik.

Takutnye nk dok kt sne.. student2 len msti jns pndi2 gler kn?? ye ar, asasi law 2 igt sng2 ke nk dpt? aku nie nth mcm ne bleh sst x tawu ar. result spm ari 2 bese je..

xpe, xpe.. try je dlu, jnji jgn jmpe kwn yg bkn2 da ar.. rosak aku! uitm shah alam!! i'm coming!!! wat gossip girls.. hope korg wat the best wlau kt mne gak korg blaja. i'll miss u guys... ish..ish..ish ='( cdeh wooo

Shinee Onew have a chance to become like lee seunggi..

SHINee Onew potential that made his debut as an MC on his new show KBS 'Night Owl' is given high praise by the PD event.

'Night Owl' / Nocturial is the event where they showed the night life in Korea, and Onew this event brought together senior spt MC Shin Dong Yup, Yoon Jong Shin, Jang Hang Jun and Gil. at premieres, May 16, walaubagaimanapun Onew closed by its senior bayang2 at these events which have very good capabilities differ bericara Onew fresh.

This new Onew also get criticism from the message of this event the audience on the web. at premieres, Onew looked ill have a role apa2.

Seung Wook Jo PD also say 'Lee Seunggi have a successful experience in many current events, but his early Seunggi the current Lee is not the first'. 'Of course Onew did not do this with his first well, but he has the potential to spt Lee Seunggi'

Jo PD says' is not an easy thing for him to be a useful diacara he was among his sunbae2, who has talked a better kemapuan. but as a leader in high-SHINee he has the desire and the nature of such charge in the show Star Golden Bell, where he shows a different image, therefore we invite him to this event. "

But, there is only one seunggi in my heart.... papepun, x slh klu onew nk try 2 improve his kerjaya right?? onew, fighting!!!