Thursday, October 28, 2010

Llist Of Nominees For 2010 MAMA Awards

Best New Male Artist

* CN Blue
* Infinite
* Teen Top
* Seo In Gook
* ZE:A

Best New Female Artist

* G.NA
* miss A
* Nine Muses
* Rainbow
* Sistar

Best Male Group

* 2AM
* 2PM
* Beast
* Super Junior

Best Female Group

* 2NE1
* 4Minute
* T-ara

Best Male Solo Artist

* Se7en
* Rain
* Tae Yang
* Wheesung

Best Female Solo Artist

* BoA
* Gummy
* Seo InYoung
* Son DamBi
* Lee HyoRi

Best Solo Dance Performance

* Narsha Bbi Ri Bba Bba
* Rain Love Song
* Lee Hyori Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
* Tae Yang I’ll Be There
* Hyunah Change

Best Dance Performance by a Male Group

* 2PM I’ll Be Back
* BEAST Shock
* SHINee Lucifer
* Super Junior Bonamana

Best Dance Performance by a Female Group

* 2NE1 Can’t Nobody
* 4Minute Huh
* miss A Bad Girl Good Girl
* Secret Magic
* T-ara Bo Beep Bo Beep

Best Solo Vocal Performance

* K. Will Miss, Miss and Miss
* Gummy As a Man
* Seo InYoung Written as Love, Sung as Pain
* Jung In I Hate You
* Wheesung I Thought To Marry

Best Vocal Performance by a Group

* 2AM Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go
* 4Men I Can’t
* 8eight Farewell is Coming
* Vibe Please Come Back Again
* Davichi Stop The Time

Best Band Performance

* CN Blue Love
* FT Island Love Love Love
* Hot Potato Propose
* Boowhal What Love Is
* Transfixion The Shouts of Red

Best Rap Performance

* DJ Doc I’m Like This
* Epik High RUN
* Outsider Outsider
* UV No Cool I’m Sorry
* Supreme Team Dang Dang Dang

Best Collaboration

* Homme I Was Able to Eat Well
* GaIn and JoKwon We Fell in Love
* Jeong Yeob and Seo YeongEun Spiteful Words
* IU and Sung SiKyung It’s You
* IU and Seulong Nagging

Best Digital Single

* MC Mong Sick Enough To Die
* Monday Kiz Scatter
* Park Bom You and I
* Supreme Team Then Then Then
* Jeong Yeob Without You


* 2NEI Can’t Nobody
* Epik High Run
* UV No Cool I’m Sorry
* GaIn Irreversible
* TaeYang I’ll Be There

Song of the Year

* 2PM I’ll Be Back
* 4Minute HUH
* CN Blue LOVE
* KARA Lupin
* SNSD Oh!

Artist of the Year category consists of all our favorite K-pop stars on the music scene for 2010 that has also been nominated in other categories.

x puas hati btol..knp super junior dpt 2 pencalonan je???? x adil! song of the year pon bonamana x tercalon. da sah2 lgu 2 popular giler thn nie, bnyk kali juara carta. 12 award utk lgu bonamana je. x ckp daebaaakkk ke 2??..hiushhh...x phm btol la dorg nie

klu dorg wat performance kt MAMA nnti mesti lg gempak kn?? sygnye x..hmmm

tp make sure Best Dance Performance and Best Male Group pnye category dorg mng..SUPER JUNIOR..FIGHTING!!!!