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Super Junior Super Show3 SEOUL..

Super Junior finally united with their Everlasting Friends once again last August 14th and 15th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium for their 3rd Asian tour, Super Show 3.
As always, the biggest idol group to invade the continent showed their best and charismatic charms. With 10,000 spectators, they proved that they are indeed deserving of being called Asia’s best super stars.

Super Junior’s Super Show 3 ran approximately for three hours as the boys danced, sang ballads and trot songs, showed their dorky sides, and strengthened the bond they have with their thousands of fans.

One of the unique characteristics of this whole tour is the concept of the ‘entire venue as the stage’ and a ‘concert flying through the sky’, making it more interactive and decreasing the gap between the Super Junior boys and their audience.

The concert opened with a laser show and followed by the Super Junior members kicking off and hyping up the mood with their certified hits Sorry Sorry and Super Girl (Super Junior version). They even did a special opening introduction by wearing costumes from different countries.

Despite the boys’ quirkiness, they still showed off their tough side with Don Don. Then again, they also made the girls squeal with their sweet, romantic side with No Other and their own version of Super Junior-M’s Confession. Then they trotted out once more to a cheerful tone with their new trot song Ddok Ddok Ddok (or Knock Knock Knock’).

Aside from the superb group perfomances, the members also wowed the audience with their solo performances, something that they only do for the Super Show series.

Eternal maknae, Ryeowook, sang his first album solo ever One Spring Day with the aegyo king Sungmin playing the guitar. While the official maknae and known gamer Kyuhyun sang Toy’s That I Lived Next to You For A Moment. The group’s main vocalist, Yesung, also sang his hit single It Has to Be You, from Cinderella’s Sister OST. Petal guy HeeChul surprised the audience with a song with his favorite dongsaeng f(x)’s Sulli, How Idols Break Up. Finally, Donghae and Eunhyuk or simply known as the Eunhae, showed some skin with a sexy performance of an original composition with One Way’s Chance I Wanna Love You.

What is also interesting with Super Show 3 is how lax the boys were in terms of their manly image. For the last part of Super Show 3, they made the ELFs laugh so hard with their own version of SNSD’s Gee and f(x)’s Chu♥, as well as going all out and performing a dance battle between Lady Gaga and Beyonce, with all the stilettos and sexy clothes, making fans go wild with laughter and a different kind of sexiness.

During the encore performance, Super Junior showed their dorky sides once again and came out wearing different vegetables with Cooking Cooking. Finally, they braved the thousands of fans and shook hands with them in a moving car, expressing how grateful they are to them. They also added that, ”After our debut in December of 2006, we have been gaining lots of love from fans. We will not forget our first intentions, and will work hard.”

Moreover, a surprise message from Super Junior’s first military man, Kangin, was revealed, giving more meaning to the concert. An orchestra version of Rinaldo, an Italian opera by Handel, was played through the 3D screen and showed the members playing instruments, with Kangin constantly showing. In the video, Kangin drew a heart to his fans as heart-shaped paper rained the stadium, creating an emotional and heart-wrenching moment.

Super Show 3 was also watched by Super Junior’s friends from the industry like One Way, label mate Changmin, 2pm’s Nichkhun, among others.

Despite the many obstacles Super Junior faced, they were still able to show how steadfast they are and secured further their top spot with the Super Show 3.

Now, let the show begin and catch this one of a kind idol group as they perform for various ELFs in 13 Asian cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Singapore, with a total of 16 performances in the next few months. Moreover, Super Junior is also busy with the upcoming SMTown World Tour with their label mates starting off this weekend in Seoul.

Read more: http://www.kpoplive.com/2010/08/16/super-junior-wraps-up-super-show-3-seoul/#ixzz0xVveyWE7

SHINEE Members Had Never Dated Anyone Before

Idol Group SHINee attracted attention of their fans and viewers by confessing that they haven’t dated anyone before.
The group starred on the show on KBS 2TV Night Star and the group was asked if any of the members in SHINee had experience in dating a girlfriend.

Onew answered “I have had no experience” and received some suspicions from the MCs of the show. The MCs then asked “who has the most experience within the group?” trying to draw a confession out of the group.
Key then confessed “I’m serious, none of us has dated anyone before” and added “Our management told us not to date anyone during our trainee days and it was even harder to date anyone after debut.”

Key then continued to say “dating includes talking to the person and seeing the person often but all we have is a mobile phone.”

Are the SHINee’s fans glad to hear about SHINee’s innocence? Some comments indicated that they would be happy dating any of the members with just a mobile phone between them.

kyuhyun's trainee life....

During the July 27 episode of SBS ‘Good Morning,’ leader Leeteuk revealed, “Eunhyuk, Sungmin, and I were trainees for five years. On the other hand, Kyuhyun the youngest was only a trainee for three months.” Kyuhyun cleverly replied, “I came in [the group] at the perfect [time.]”

Member Yesung then caused much laughter in the audience when he said, “Although Leeteuk trained for five years and Kyuhyun trained for three months, in skills, Kyuhyun maybe better.” When asked as to why he would say such a thing, Yesung replied that it was all in revenge: “I also trained for five years, but Leeteuk [forgot to mention me so he] doesn’t care about me.”

Kyuhyun himself then confessed that when he first joined the group, life as a maknae was hard, as he was constantly bullied by the members into cooking for them. “[When I first joined the group] because I was the maknae, I had to cook ramen [for the others,] but I didn’t know how much water I was supposed to add. Later on, while Leeteuk was eating, he said in a mean way, “Who cooked this ramen?!”’

However, things got better for the idol, as he explained, “but after that I got power. Lately, I can use my aegyo [act cute] and tell the hyungs, ‘Hyung give me some food’ [in an informal manner] and they will also smile and treat me to a meal, and even buy me clothes.” Eunhyuk contradicted this statement, saying, “Kyuhyun’s ‘hyung give me some food’ is said with a demanding tone,” which really gives the boys all the more reason to call Kyuhyun the “evil maknae.”

Leeteuk supported Eunhyuk’s claim, saying, “You can’t find in other groups a maknae who is ruder than ours,” which brought about much laughter from the audience.

However, it seems that even with all of Kyuhyun’s power in the group, he still is subject to some unhappiness from time to time. On July 25th, Ryeowook uploaded a photo of Kyuhyun in which he was pouting while sitting amongst his members. “Want to know the reason behind Kyuhyun’s expression?” the photo was captioned. “Please acknowledge it at Heechul hyung’s twitter.” Heechul had updated his own twitter with an amusing story: “After our last performance keke, we ate 30 portions of meat, steamboat, and Korean cold noodles. In order to decide [who would] pay the bill, we played rock paper stones.” The tweet was accompanied by a video of the members of Super Junior playing the game with their manager. Apparently, Kyuhyun lost, but he thought that being forced to pay for the entire meal would be unfair, since he had to return to his dorm halfway into the dinner. This meant that he did not get a single bite out of the meat, but had to pay for the entire meal anyway.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Korean Barbie Doll to head for US

Korean actress, Han Chae Young, nicknamed the Korean Barbie Doll, is set to expend her career in the United Stated.

Chae Young who shot to fame in the 2005 KBS drama Sassy Girl Chung Hyang, recently signed with Creative Artist Agency, one of the big three agencies in Hollywood.

Hollywood celebrities in CAA's stable include David Beckham, George Cloony, Meryl Streep, Julia Robert and Brad Pitt.

Her agency BH Entertainment, which is headed by Lee Byung Hun is positive about her move because of her good looks and ability to speak in English

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Korean’s new boy band_ D-NA…

Da lame x dgr cite psl group2 korea sjk t’campak kt uitm nie. Mmg jd katak bwh tempurung ar. Katak pon da de perkembangan terbaru agaknye skang nie. Ye ar mane tawu katak skang da psg Astro kt dlm tempurung 2 ke…. Mane tawu kn3??? Eheh x) Nsb bek de penyampai berita setia. Sape lg… kakak la. Die kte de group bru. Sebok promosi soh mnt gak kt group bru nie. 2 yg die tga giler skang nie. Sblm nie dok sebok giler sgt ngan M-BLAQ die 2. X psl2 kne terlibat gak ske kt M-BLAQ walau pon x spnh hati. Credit to magnae group nie la(Mir) sbb wujud dlm M-BLAQ. Klu x, x de maknenye…. Bek la layan super junior walaupun 100 kali ulang lgu same pon x pe. X kn bosan smpi bler2. Super junior 4ever!!!!!!!

Sambung blk cite psl group bru nie, D-NA ( Dae Guk Nam Ah) bleh tahan ar comel2 bdk2 nie. Tp plg comel mesti la Karam ( jay pon comel gak! hehe). Tp akak kte Injoon lg comel( yeeee la 2…) tp btol gak Injoon comel sbb muke die mcm Lee Honggi, FT Island. Karam plak mcm Yeonsaeng, SS501. Sore pon lbh kurang jek. Hyunmin plak kdg2 muke mcm Top, Big Bang. Nie la mslh budk2 bru skang. Muke lbh kurg je ngan sambae2 dorg. Wat plastic surgery ke pe? Nsb bek x de lg yg mcm mke Seunggi. Mmg x leh trima ar. Eeehhhh….. lupe plak nk cite psl member2 group nie. Sme skali ade 5 org. leader, Mika(20), Hyunmin(19), Karam(19), Injoon(18) and lastly magnae, Jay(16). Dorg debut dgn lgu Admiring Boy. Lgu nie best~! Dorg de lg 1 lgu, tjk die Stumble Stumble. Kire boleh trima ar lgu2 nie nk perkenal kn sore dorg. So far, sme bleh nyanyi tp Jay x tawu sbb die rap jer.. yg len sore meletop!!! Plg best sore Mika kot.. tp muke die x brape nk bleh trima arrr.. agk kureng ( hehe.. sorry!)

Cite psl prangai dorg plak. Plg kecoh n plg bnyk ckp skali c Injoon nie la. Jgn bg mic kt die klu nk program 2 b’jaln dgn cpt. Mmg x boleh b’henti ckp. Die nie t’slh msk uji bkt kot. Mgkn cite2 die nk jd pgacare kot( btol eaaa… hihi). Xpe2, slow2 dlu ye Injoon.. nnti2 bleh jd pgacare. Yg pasti mmg x leh nk wat pe da ngan bdk nie. Nk x nk kne bg gak mic kt bdk nie sbb nnti die mule laaa merengek nk jgk..( dekoraguuuuuuuu…….) sush btol. Hyunmin plak x bnyk ckp tp skali die da bunyi mmg klaka ar( fans ckp la, x de mase lg nk check btol ke x). Karam ngan Jay ( 2 org bdk comel..hehe) pon x bnyk ckp jgk. TAPI…. Ade tapi taw, klu Injoon ade Jay akn jd bnyk ckp jgk. Bwk virus kot bdk Injoon nie. Avira Antivirus ke, Worm ke, AVG ke, Trojan Horse ke x tawu la plak kn ( ceh! Wat ulangkaji subjek CSC ke? Haha…. Bru hbs test siang td la kte kn). Pape je la… harap2 bdk nie akan kekal la kn, jgn tenggelam plak. Skang nie da bnyk sgt group2 bru. Smpi pening nk igt sme. Klu best2 x pe la jgk. Nie nth pape, wat group rmi2 tp yg bleh nyanyi 2 3 org je. Hampeh! Tgk cam FCUZ sempoi jer… waaa da lame x dgr LEE U nyanyi.. =’(

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Polling South Korea Best 'Eye Smile'

1. FTISLAND Lee HongKi 5.9% (3,760 votes)

2. 2PM Nichkhun 5.7% (3,623 votes)

3. Super Junior DongHae 4.8% (3,097 votes)

4. CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa 4.7% (3,010 votes)

5. Super Junior Leeteuk 4.6% (2,937 votes)

6. Jang Geun Suk 4% (2,535 votes)

7. Super Junior Lee Sung Min 3.5% (2,257 votes)

8. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong 3.2% (2,072 votes)

9. SHINee Onew 3.2% (2,038 votes)

10. Big Bang G-Dragon 3.2% (2,049 votes)

11. Super Junior Kibum 2.9% (1,839 votes)

12. Kibum 2.8% (1,827 votes)**

13. Big Bang Taeyang 2.5% (1,602 votes)

14. CNBLUE Kang MinHyuk 2.5% (1,629 votes)

15. SHINee Taemin 2.5% (1,606 votes)

16. 2AM Jinwoon 2.4% (1,528 votes)

17. Super Junior Kangin 2.3% (1,459 votes)

18. 2AM JoKwon 2.2% (1,387 votes)

19. Big Bang Daesung 2.2% (1,431 votes)

20. 2PM Junho 2% (1,257 votes)

21. FTISLAND Choi Min Hwan 2% (1,307 votes)

22. BEAST Kikwang 1.9% (1,215 votes)

23. BEAST Yoseob 1.9% (1,216 votes)

24. Rain 1.9% (1,197 votes)

25. Super Junior-M Henry 1.8% (1,151 votes)

26. MBLAQ Lee Joon 1.8% (1,150 votes)

27. 2PM Taecyeon 1.7% (1,102 votes)

28. SS501 Park Jung Min 1.7% (1,100 votes)

29. 2PM Junsu 1.6% (1,002 votes)

30. SS501 Kim Hyung Jun 1.6% (997 votes)

31. SHINee Minho 1.5% (976 votes)

32. MBLAQ Thunder 1.4% (904 votes)

33. MBLAQ Mir 1.3% (852 votes)

35. SS501 Heo Young Saeng 1.3% (804 votes)

36. (DBSK) Yunho 1.3% (830 votes)

37. Lee MinHo 1.3% (842 votes)

38. Lee Seung Gi 1.2% (748 votes)

39. U-Kiss Kevin 1.2% (791 votes)

40. U-Kiss DongHo 1.1% (730 votes)

41. Lee JunKi 1.1% (705 votes)

42. (DBSK) Kim Junsu 1.1% (715 votes)

43. (DBSK) Changmin < 1% (452 votes)

44. Yoo Seung Ho < 1% (390 votes)

Cr: SP

Ranking of South Korean pop idols on Chinese network.

#1Super Junior 257543

#2SNSD 43462

#3DBSK: 27556

#4SHINee 26744

#5F(x) 25644

#6ss501 24648

#7F.T.Island 23900

#8Tiara 12897

#92am.2pm 12135

#10kara 12022

#11BEG 11794

#12bigbang 10232

#13cnblue 9293

#14wonder girls 8937

#152ne1 8490

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Suju's Funny Stories..=)

Kim Jong Woon - Yesung funny stories ::

A little kid who lived in Super Junior's neighborhood saw Yesung walking into the dorm and kindly told him, "Hey, you know that Super Junior lives there, right?"

Yesung and this kid were in the elevator together. Yesung asked him what singer he liked.

"Super Junior," the kid replied.

"Who in Super Junior is your favorite?" "Yesung."

Yesung was about to give him his autograph when the kid asked, "so who are you by the way?"

One time during Twins promotion, sasaeng* fans found Yesung wandering on the streets.

"What's wrong?" They asked him.

"I forgot where I live."

The fans had to guide him to the dorm.

Seeing that no one was recognizing him on the streets, Yesung will called Kangin, literally screaming into his phone. "Oh, hey, KANGIN!

When Yesung was in high school, he bleached his hair and wore a helmet to school to avoid getting caught. The teacher asked him to take it off, so he responded "I can't, my head's too big."

On Yesung's birthday, his parents came to the broadcast station. But they had come to see Shin Hyesung's comeback stage, not their son.


Kim Hee Chul - Heechul funny stories ::

Heechul once dressed up as a girl to be able to go out on a date with his girlfriend unrecognized. Apparently it worked, and he"strutted around the streets" in his disguise while proudly holding his girlfriend's hand.

Before debut, the members played a bet that Heechul could go into the womens' bathroom without being questioned. When Heechul walked in, one of the women in the bathroom looked at him and murmured, "wow, she's tall."

A fan went to an autograph signing event to get Heechul's autograph. Freaking out upon seeing Heechul, she started screaming "Kim Heechul! Look over here! Kim Heechul!" Heechul shouted back, "How old are you! How dare you not use honorifics!"


Lee Hyuk Jae - Eunhyuk funny stories ::

Two girls were walking on the Chungdam streets when they saw some dude that really looked like Eunhyuk walking towards them. One of the girls said, "Oh yeah, the Eunhyuk guy in Super Junior...what was his height again? 173? 174? 176?"

The guy whispered "176″ as he passed by.

You guessed it right, that was Eunhyuk.

During the Pajama Party promotion, Eunhyuk, fully in his stage costume (with the hair, makeup and everything) was sitting in the green room eating ice cream. One of the newbie staffs came up to him and asked him where his parents were.


Park Jung Soo - Leeteuk funny story ::

Once Donghae and Heechul had a huge fight in the dorms, throwing things at each other. Then after five minutes they forgave each other and went out. Leeteuk was the one to clean up all the mess.


Lee Sung Min - Sungmin funny stories ::

When he gets bored, Sungmin opens the window of his van and shouts "We are Super Juni-OR!" to random people on the street.

Sungmin was drunk and started acting cute in front of Heechul, who in turn got annoyed and bitch-slapped him.


Lee Dong Hae - Donghae funny story ::

Back when Donghae had really long hair, his fans were always begging him to cut it. So one time at the airport, his fans spotted him and told him to please get a haircut. Donghae freaked out and shouted, "but I did! I did get a haircut! I just got one this morning! I got a haircut! I did!"


Han Geng - Hankyung funny stories ::

When Hangeng first started his Korean Cyworld, he posted up his username and password as a blog entry: "My Cyworld is all yours ^^"

The first time Hangeng went to China after debut, he asked his Chinese staffs where the bathroom was... in Korean.


Kim Young Woon - Kangin funny story ::

Kangin was in a taxi when the radio station started to play "Don't Don". The taxi driver turned the radio right off complaining, "why is this song so damn loud?"

Credit: sarcasticlyazn

Most Chart Asia

1):Asia most influential groups :
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.2 Wonder Girls
NO.4 S.H.E

2):Asia most talented with good looks groups:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 H.O.T
NO.5 Wonder Girls

3):Best-selling albums within these 2 years:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.2 Super Junior-M
NO.4 SS501

4):Most popular among the well-known artists:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 ShinHwa
NO.5 Super Junior-M

5): Accomplished with good rankings in TV shows and movies:
NO.1 Farenheit
NO.2 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 Lollipop

6):Band members that are best in MC:
NO.1 SJ LeeTeuk EunHyuk
NO.2 Farenheit ChenYi Ru
NO.3 CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa
NO.4 SJ ShinDong
NO.5 SJ HeeChul

7): Band members that are best in actings:
NO.1 SJ Kim KiBum
NO.2 Farenheit all members
NO.3 SJ Choi SiWon
NO.4 SHINEE Lee TaeMin

8):Band members with the best vocal:
NO.1 SJ YeSung
NO.2 DBSK Xiah JunSu
NO.3 SJ KimRyeoWook
NO.4 SJ ChoKyuHyun
NO.5 DBSK Kim JaeJoong SHINEE LeeTaeMin Kim Jonghyun

9):Band members who are best in RAP:
NO.1 SJ EunHyuk
NO.5 SJ ShinDong KiBum

10):Band member who are best in dancing:

NO.2 SJEunHyuk
NO.3 SJ HanKyung
NO.4 SHINEE Lee TaeMin

11):Band members who are best in DJ:
NO.1 SJ Kim HeeChul
NO.2 SJ LeeTeuk EunHyuk
NO.5 SJ ShinDong

12):Most popular among the stars for imitation:
NO.1 SUPER JUNIOR (U, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana)
NO.2 Wonder Girls (Nobody)
NO.3 SHINEE (Ring Ding Dong)
NO.4 SUPER JUNIOR-M (Super Girl)

Korea/Chinese male stars ranking (Looks)
1. SJ Kim HeeChul
2. DBSK Kim Jaejoong
3. CNBLUE Jung YongHwa
4. SS501 Kim HyunJoong
5. SJ HanKyung
6. Farenheit WuZun
7. Show Luo
8. SHNEE Lee TaeMin
9. Lin Jun Jie
11.SJ LeeTeuk
13.Lee JunKi
14.SJ Lee DongHae
15.Hyun Bin
16.Wang Lee Hom
17.Lee Seung Gi
18.DBSK YunHo
19.SJ Kim RyeoWook
20.Kim JongHun