Friday, March 26, 2010

SuJu 2nd Asia Tour Live In Malaysia..........

Super Junior played to a sell-out crowd at The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 in Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil in Selangor last Saturday night.
Some 15,000 ELFs (short for Ever Lasting Fans, referring to Super Junior fans) screamed and waved glowsticks in their official colour – pearl sapphire blue – throughout the concert.

Massive presence: Super Junior performing on a specially built stage – shaped like the Chinese character ‘tian’ (which means ‘field’) – before a crowd of about 15,000 screaming fans at their sell-out The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 at Bukit Jalil, Selangor, last weekend.

One really needs powerful lungs, strong arms and boundless energy to be an ELF. And, yes, perhaps be half-deaf as well. My ears are still ringing from hearing “Super Junior saranghae!” (“Super Junior, I love you” in Korean) repeatedly at the concert.
The concert began at 7pm with performances by local Mandopop duo Thomas Jack – who were accompanied by eight dancers – and teen singer Iqwal. The South Korean group made its entrance at 8pm.

As the boys emerged at different locations around the specially built stage, fans went into an ear-splitting screaming frenzy and the concert venue literally throbbed with excitement.

Also known as SuJu or SJ, the South Korean act delivered 35 songs in Korean, Mandarin and English during the four hour-long concert.
Opening with their fast numbers – Thirsty, U, It’s You, She’s Dangerous – the guys showcased their various dance skills through high-energy dance choreography to tunes that were often punctuated with colourful blasts of pyrotechnics

Super Junior did not even need to have that many choreographed sets; they stole their fans’ hearts with their playful nature.
Realising their infectious charm, the boys effortlessly worked their magic on the crowd. When they left the stage, even video clips of the boys had a similar effect on fans.

One of the highlights had the 10 members introducing themselves individually in the most entertaining manner: The Dangerous Cinderella Heechul, The Living Work of Art Siwon, Hottest Baby Kyuhyun, The Bubble Boy Yesung, Loveable Blurness Ryuwook, Ultimate Sweetness Sungmin, Bejeweled Eunhyuk, Sexy Fishy Donghae, Cutie Pie Shindong and Fallen Angel Leeteuk.

It was a shame that Kang-in, Kibum and Han Geng were unable to join their bandmates. Still, the 10 boys easily brought the house down with their mischievous antics.
The specially built RM6mil stage was shaped like the Chinese character tian (which means field): resembling a square box enclosing a T-cross in the middle, with die-hard fans tightly packed into four separate grids.
The interesting stage itself featured even more surprises as the boys could make their entry and exit at various points. Watching them appear and disappear from different directions added a delightful element of surprise. As promised during a media conference held some two-and-a-half hours before the concert, several of the boys appeared dressed up as girls towards the end of the show.

With fans clamouring for an encore, the boys emerged wearing cute headgear and obliged fans with songs like Pajama Party and Carnival. They even aimed waterguns at fans and cast all sorts of knick-knacks, which the crowd happily grabbed to keep as souvenirs.

Before taking their leave, Super Junior revealed that they were in the midst of preparing their new album, and thanked fans for their steadfast support over the years.

Their concert tickets reported record-breaking sales with the RM138 tickets completely sold out within two hours of the presale itself. The RM238 tickets were sold out in less than a week. That left fans to scramble for the RM458 tickets in the rock pitt, which put them practically within reach of the boys as the stage was built embracing the standing zone.

Debuting in 2005, Super Junior comprises 13 members, which makes them the biggest boyband in the world. The boys have 19 releases to their name, including studio and live albums as well as singles, compilations, soundtrack and various other collaborations.

Singing in Korean, Japanese and Mandarin, Super Junior easily appeals to music fans across Asia.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Result SPM kuArRRRRrr!!!!!

Huaaaaaa!!!!!! frustnye ngan result arinie.... rase nk gile da nie. mcmmane bm bleh x dpt A? trial da dpt A da.. how dare u laughted at me tcher. i know la i'm your daugther. haha. yg peliknye cmne bi plak yg bleh sgkt A. mmg pelik luar petala da nie (nie msti pengaruh bnyk sgt tgk KBS). malu gler ngan plajar non muslim kt klas, Yoga, Shobi n Lalitha. dorg pown bleh dpt A. Yoga, after this u can only use english klu nk msg taw. hahaa. wat malu je jd org mlayu tp pekse dpt B. sorry 2 my bm tcher because dissapointed u. nsb baek agama dpt A. klu x lg la malu... alhamdulillah. yg pntg my fav Geo mstila A++++++. haha. kpd ckg Geo, Sej n Math. remember my promise 2 give you all an A as a present? now you get it. thanks 4 your support 2 me. 2 my account tcher, thanks 2 you by helping me improve my study even i didn't get an A but it's better than my trial result. 2 my Phy, Chem n addmath tchers, sorry 2 dissapointed u all but i've did my best. i'm so happy because my result is more better than the trial(exept bm). tringin nk dgr result sndri kne umum kt dpn, pas2 sbt name. mlgnye d sbb kn Bm je da kempunan. sia2 je kne mrh ngan unnie sbb Bm n Account x dpt A. alaaa cket je lg nk dpt A. cdeh btol x sgkt 7A. whatever it is thanks 2 all my tcher 4 helping me in my studies. jasamu ttp d kenang. Congrats 2 all SMKSM students especially Amirul la sbb da sah2 11A dlm tgn. mmg ktorg da agk amirul akn jd best student( as usuall).

x lpe gak pd geng2 ku Farah( my bestfriend), Zayana, Waheda, Mama( Hafizah), Mek( Syahira), Saadah( Mafia Hong Kong). congrats la kt korg. 2 Yoga, kte mmg 1 kpale ar, result pown same je. hahahaha. haa lg sorg yg aku mmg x puas hati nie C Shah, die kte aku akn dpt 6A depends on my trial result tp hampeh x sgkt. haha. nsb kte mmg same je 5 jgk yg dpt( lpe nk tgk kau pnye result Geo td, bpe ek? aku pntg btol klu klh ngan kau subjek nie, tp rsenye aku mng kot. hehehe). eh, de lg sorg. Babyyyy.. congrats result kte sme(Zayana jgn jeles XDDD)

Lastly, LUV SMKSM 4EVER!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eun Jiwon will get married soon

Eun Jiwon ask il pa i members that have an expereanced like Hodong hyung, seugun n Kim C becausehe didn't propose his gf yet.

Jiwon: hodong hyung, did u proposed your wife?
Hodong: of course!
Jiwon: 0h... hodong hyung proposed his wife. so, i think i should proposed her 2

Eun Jiwon will marry his GF who is his member from high school n 2 years younger than him. they meet again at Hawaii n thats the 1st time they dating. Jiwon said that maybe they will get married there( at Hawaii). the other member ask him "how about us? we want a free ticket!!!" huahahaaaa whatever la korg, nk free ticket ke... ape ke.. yg pntg SEUNGGI X BLEH KAWEN LG TAW!!! wa bleh jd gilerrr klu seunggi kawen. huaaaaaaaaaa. x igt ke seunggi da dpt undian plg tggi dr fans yg dorg x nk seunggi kawen lg thn nie?? hmmm??

ble pkr2 blk btol ke Jiwon nk kawen? nomu chinca?? adoyaiii da bsr rupenye bdk nie, tp prangai mcm bdk2 lg. jongmin n mc mong ble nk kawen(except seunggi). klu tgk dr member2 len yg blom kawen, mong ngan jongmin lg sesuai kawen dlu tp nk wat camne da jiwon nk kawen kn. hmmmmm. tp lps nie Jiwon kne msk OB team la??? hahaaaa geng la dgn hodong, seugun ngan kim c 2 sb YB team hanye tok bdk2 yg blom kawen je. lps nie YB team(MC Mong, jongmin, seunggi) kne lntk ketua bru la?? Mong kot....

pape pown klu agak2 x de idea nk propose GF die nnti, ape ssh nyanyi je lagu seunggi yg hot 2, naram koro ne jullee...(will u marry me??) hahahaaaa good idea x? bgs btol lgu seunggi 2 kne ngan situasi. pesanan tok jiwon... HEMBOKE SEYOOOO!!!!!

JYP announced Jaebom will leave 2PM 4ever!

25th Feb: JYP had a meeting with 100 2PM fans and he announced that Jaebom will leave 2PM 4ever. all the fans n media still don't know what mistake that Jaebom made. what we heard just all the rumors. JYP Entertainment still didn't tell the media what it is. we just know that Jaebom made a biggest mistake in his life. the other members agreed that Jaebom have to leave the group n said that they will always love n miss their hyung.

Jaebom volountered leave 2PM on september and back to seattle, us. JYP get a phone call from Jaebom on January n said that he will leave his group 4ever, but JYP still don't want 2 announced it. Jaebom's contract expired on 24th Feb. So, JYP said that this day is the best time 2 make an announcement.

At the meeting with 100 2PM's fans, all of them refused that announcement and don't want 2 heard JYP's reasons. they just want Jaebom 2 comeback to 2PM. all the fans fell sad about the announcement.

OMG!! why all of these happened? We know that Jaebom is the best leader 4 2PM. we will forgive the mistake that Jaebom's made. we just want JAEBOM!! let us know whats the reason pleaseeeee.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

2 days and 1 night viewers special

Lee Seunggi yg comel
(menantu ke2 pilihan mak)
hahaaa unnie, biyane....

x sabar nk tgk il pa i viewers special. klaka btol mse tgk dorg wat pemilihan utk sape yg layak join dorg thn nie. lps penonton tgk edisi thn lepas pnye, makin ramai borang penyertaan pminat hantar. adelah lbh 100 ribu org. ramai 2.... tp mse nk wat pemilihan seugun x de sbb bru 2 jam lps die da dpt ank ke 2. sengichulka!!! x tawu dpt baby boy ke girl.

mse tga plh 2 jiwon t'bace surat dr actor n actress group. whatt??? plakon npn nk msk program dorg gak ke? tawu la prog nie plg famous kat kangguk. huaaaaa. die siap ckp lg nme artis 2, kim taehiu! btol ke? kim taehui yg blakon cite IRIS 2 ke? mcm x caye je.... btol la 2 kot. mc mong dgr je tros die rampas surat 2. da dorg maen rebut2. huahahaha. da mcm ndk2 da. lps 2 jiwon terbce lg kali nie dr Miss Korea 2009 team plak. lg ar c mc mong 2 gile meroyan. hahahahahaa. sape x nk miss Korea msk team dorg . mcm2 la dorg nie. lps 2 seunggi pown de la t'bce srt dr Ssireum(wrestling) team. haha. mmg kne ar ngan die. same2 ahli gusti. tp hodong reject lps tgk gmbr dorg. die kte korg sme x kn dpt handle bdk2 nie nnti. seunggi pown de t'bce surat kjutran tok die, srt dr member2 high school die. dorg nk wat alumni. tp seunggi t'pkse reject dorg walaupun die nk sgt pilih team nie sbb die nk fair la dgn pnonton lain. x aci la kan plh member sndri msk program nie. pape je la.

lps pnt bce b'timbun2 srt, finally dorg da wat kputusan....

Seunggi's choice: Pilot Student Team. alasannye, die t'ingin nk jmpe bdk2 nie n dorg pown same umur. mse die call bdk 2 n da ckp yg dorg da t'plh seunggi tnye awak da pnh bwk kpl terbang ke? dah kami sme da pnh bwk. perh best gler dorg da dpt bwk sndri kol terbang. dgr je mcm 2 seunggi tros borak mcm kwn dgn bdk 2, dorg ppwn sme umur kan pe lagi, da siap rancang nk g mnm sme2 lps nie. lantak la dorg nk wat pe pown yg bestnye, pilot mesti handsome2 kan?? wah cuci mate la jwbnye.. hahahaha nomu cowa. seunggi pown de tnye kt bdk 2 dlm member il pa i spe yg lyk jd pilot. bdk 2 kte seugun.ok la sbb seugun mmg slalu jd driver klu dorg g mane2.

Jiwon's choice: dancer student from Universal dancer academy. alasannye, die t'trk sbb dorg nie penari balley tp lelaki. dorg gelarkan ballerino. unik la team nie sbb ballerina biasenye pompuan tp dorg nie lelaki. mse tepon bdk 2, die x caye jiwon yg tepon. ye ar sape nk caye kan tetibe dpt call mcm 2 kan? nth2 ade org nk tipu ke.. lps jiwon ykn bdk 2 n die pown da p'caye, tetibe jiwon kte sebenarnye......... saye mmg tipu pown. huahaaaaaa. die gelak bgi nk gler. da sape srh org 2 x percaye kan da terkena ngan jiwon.last skali jiwon kte nk saye kasi tlefon nie kt hodong ke? ya. lps kasi je hodong plak mkn nk menambah2 ngusik, die wat sore pompuan. da sah2 la org 2 x caye " nie bkn sore hodong!!!!!" lps 2 hodong tros tergelak dan kantoi la sbb hodong gelak mmg x kn brubah. "ini mmg hodong yg ketawe!!" hahahaha. bdk2 nie mmg jht. last skali bdk 2 tnye boleh x sye bwk female dancer skali? cpt2 jiwon jwb BOLOEH!! dorg sme da bersorak sbb de bdk pompuan, mlompat2 skali. sempat gak dorg kte team Pilot seunggi pown mesti ske gak sbb de org pompuan yg mmg da saah2 cantik pnye. gasak la korg.

Kim c' choice: Female rugby team. alasannye, dorg nie pemain rugby perempuan, interesting la jgk. mse tepon bdk 2, kim c tnye, boleh x awak sebutkan ikut urutan sape yg plg handsome dlm member2 il pa i? RESULTnye...

1st: Seugun
2nd: Jiwon
3rd: Kim C
4th: Jongmin ( mle2 die kte seunggi tp lps die t'ingt de jongmin die ltk jongmin no4) WHATTT???? buta seni ke bdk nie. seunggi yg skt pnye handsome n menjadi menantu idaman makcik2 kt hangguk bleh klh? pe ar. seinggi da btol2 bengang da mse nie)bdk nie mmg pelik. mse nie camera asik focus kt seunggi je. dorg sme x caye seunggi x mng
5th: Seunggi (x adil, pttnye seunggi no 1)
6th: Hodong
7th: MC Mong ( kecian die)

Hodong's choice: bdk2 high school kot. x best sgt cite dorg

Seugun's team: Taxi Drivers team. ole sbb seugun x dpt dtg jd seunggi de cdgn tok plh seugun pnye team. mse seunggi sebut je nme team nie, dorg sme gelak. ye ar mmg sesuai dgn seugun, dorg pnye driver, msti bnyk expirience yg dorg bleh kongsi nnti. seunggi mmg bijak

MC Mong's choice: team pe nth tp cmpr ar dr mude smpi tue n lelaki only!

Jongmin's choice: x tawu ar team mne pilihan die sbb yg mse jongmin call dorg, x angkat pown. kesian jongmin kne gelak dgn member laen. hahahaha OXOX.

Pape pown, hope thn nie pnye viewers special best gler mcm thn lps. hrp2 seunggi pnye team dpt tdor kt dlm lg, dpt brebut flag tok breakfast. Fighting!!!!

HangenG!!! what happend???

btol ke hangeng nk tmt ka kontrak ngan SM? knpp???? da la kangin pown tga de masalah lps kes memandu dlm keadaan mabuk. alaaa x best la kalau suju pecah2. mesti member2 suju yg laen rindukan dorg

Thursday, March 4, 2010

my fav group... SuJU LAaaaa

1st time t'nmpk dorg mse dorg wat knsrt ngan artis2 taiwan, tgk kt actro aec. mse 2 x tawu pape psl dunia hangguk nie except cite2 karea like sassy girl chung hyang, full house. my fav member of course the cute n funny leader, leeteuk. sbb mnt die..... rmbt die yg cun gilerss 2. tergugat seih sbg pmpuan. walau pown die bkn yg utama dlm vocal tp sore die sedap what. x caye dgr ar lgu solo die, waiting. tp syg my unnie x mnt leeteuk. die sebok meroyan dgn magnae group nie, kyuhyun. die kte sore kyuhyun sedap gler. emmmm.... bleh trima ar (sore leeteuk ngan yesong pown sedap pe..hehe). da alang2 bkk cite psl yesong baik cite cket psl die nie. sorg yg sgt unik. oleh krn die leader tok vocal, manager dorg soh die diam je stiap kali bdk2 suju nie dtg variety program. this is unfair la mr.manager... asal wat cam2? yesong 2 da sah2 funny gler( x caye tgk ar explotion on human body). At last, yesong kte die da hilang identiti sendiri. ciannye..

SuJu membersss:

leeteuk: so funny. cute, the best leader 4ever...faighting!!

Yesong: vocal lead, unik, funny, comel ble senyum, slalu jd mangsa klu bergambar

Shindong: a very good coreographer, always get ready 4 a gag

Kangin: ketua klu nk mulakan gag, sgt klaka slalu bangge diri klu bg jwpn yg die rase sgt hebat

Donghae: agak pendiam( jgn sangke die x kn wat pape luar petala), hansome, x kan wat ape yg
die x ske

Ryuwook: powefull voice, gaye b'jln yg same dlm stiap mv

Songmin: comel, pandai make up, akan mrh klu org kte die pndi jd pmpuan

Heechul: sske buat benda pelik2, plg lawa klu jd pmpuan(awek cun kt mv U)

Shiwon: ank org kaye, kluarge die hlg die nk jd artis, hansome, t'sgt la sopan orgnye

hangeng: asal dr China, msk Suju lps SM wat oudition kt sane, x brape menonjol

Eunhyeok: comel, suke sgt ketawa, good dancer, athelete (have a good speed), being an ace at
'Lets go drean team' with minho from shinee

Kibum: stay at US so he can speak english very well, debut as an actor before becoming a singer,
hansome, look like Jang Geun Suk

Kyuhyun: last member entering Suju, magnae(the youngest), have a very soft voice, hansome