Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yonghwa Shout "I love u" to Seohyun @ Strong heart!!

kkyaaaaa!!!!...i'm turn crazy bcoz of this epsd..hahahaha..
There is an actress called Son Eun-Seo (You could have seen her in CFs also and especially she appeared in Oh! My School 100 points out of 100 and which she was always teased to Minho)
Well she has some features that made her look like Seohyun. Bcoz of this Kang Ho Dong take the opportunities to ask yonghwa (who is also the guess for this epsd) about his oppinion

(This is what Kang Ho Dong and Yonghwa talked about)

Kang Ho Dong : Does Eunseo and Seohyun look alike?
YongHwa : They are similar in temperament.
Kang Ho Dong : Who do you think is prettier?
YongHwa : They're both charming, but I think Seohyun is prettier.

Kang Ho Dong was not satisfied (We all know ,that Kang Ho Dong likes to make a loveline)<3 good job hodong-sshi!!
Then he asked YongHwa to shout out the girl he loves, if it is Eunseo or Seohyun. At first, YongHwa hesitated for a while, however, people in the studio gathered together to make fun of Eunseo and Yonghwa like teasing them. Then, Kang Ho Dong said something like this.

Kang Ho Dong : If you want to finish the recording quickly, just say "Eunseo,I love you!"

However,YongHwa shouted something different which shocked Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seunggi and the audience. YongHwa said :

Yonghwa : "Seohyun,I love you!”( seohyun-ah!! saranghanda!!)

What’s more, It seemed like he was out of control himself and he shouted for more than 10 times. People were all in a panic and asked him to stop.

Then when he realized something after he did those stuff, Yonghwa said this :

YongHwa : What am I going to do now?. (Which led the audience and the MCs in curiosity)

Then, Kang Ho Dong asked him to do more but YongHwa was just smiling all the time after that. He was nervous and shy about what he said and what he did. Fans in the studio said he was cute.

yoo~ng!!! you did a good job!. hahahahaha..i bet all the goguma villagers also turn crazy about your statement. well of course including me. i can't stop smiling like crazy. hahaha..charanda yoo~ng!!hyun love u toooo..u have all support from goguma villagers. we hope that these couple feeling is real..Yongseo couple forever!!!

PS : Do you remember the episode 081710 Strong Heart? This has been cut.
Eunseo once said on that episode that YongHwa was her ideal type and Kang Ho Dong asked them to have an eye contact but, YongHwa refused to do so and he said that he already has a a wife now.

Credits to : karen90611@soompi, Baidu YongSeo forum, Daily K Pop News, sweetpotatodays