Sunday, May 8, 2011

Again...Yonghwa pick Seohyun instead of taeyeon & Sulli

Yonghwa and the other CNBLUE members appear on KBS2 TV Entertainment Weekly's Guerilla Date section aired on may7. the boys were asked to name their ideal types during the interview while leader Yonghwa were asked to choose between SNSD Taeyeon and f(x) Sulli.

Who do you think Yong seobang will pick???

He gave the question a little thought before answering "I'll pick Seohyun"

Awwww...yo~ng u are soooo sweet!! As expected, Yongseo fans were gushing over his answer and thankful at the same time that he did not forget his virtual wife Seohyun, despite ending their virtual marriage on MBC's We Got Married.

well..once again Yo~ng did it! it just made me scream!!!!haha.. and i bet its same goes to all Goguma villagers...also, i've heard that Yo~ng said the same at Sukira but i didn't see yet any article about that. i'll find it no matter what!

As we know,only Yo~ng revealed his feeling towards hyun to public. and it made me curious when hyun will revealed her feeling. maybe she just don't have time bcoz SNSD currently were very busy with their japan activities and hyun also didn't go to many variety programs compared to the other SNSD members. its ok then..we'll just wait

whatever it is...YongSeo couple jjang!!till next time..Anyeong!


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