Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally i decided to write my first fanfic.. hehehe.. i'm just trying though. even i succeed finishing this oneshot story but i think this will be my first and last story. i'm more to a reader than a writer. well because my OTP is yongseo so i decided to write about them. but to think of it, this story dont have any yongseo moment though because i write is in kyuhyun pov. its easier for me. the background story is about kyuhyun pranks to cnblue on sukira last week (130205) so this is the picture preview. i dont know to choose which one because i edited it myself. the title of my story is "when kyuhyun's bored"

if you want to read the fic, here is the link http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/383675/when-kyuhyun-s-bored-kyuhyun-yongseo anyeong!! <3 p="">

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