Saturday, March 3, 2012

The reason why ELF claim that he is the best leader in the world..

A Diary of a crew member who worked for the show Exploration of Human Body (EHB) talking about Leeteuk!!!

Before, when I drove home with the radio turned on, I could sometimes hear Leeteuk’s voice. Back then, my impression of him was a noisy and obstinate person. To be honest, before I worked on the show “Explorations with Human Body”, I really dislike his girly-pretty face and high pitched annoying laugh.

But working on the show with him every week, I discover he is actually a very handsome and charming person. He worked very hard because he treasured the show, he was very sincere and respectful towards others. Comparing to the other leaders, he makes a very good leader. Not just simply leading the members, he has the charm of knowing people and letting them follow him naturally.

“Putting 13 different colors together, how to mix them together well?” The answer to this question, maybe only he knows.

Quietly looking at the happily filming dongsaengs with warm expressions, and silently doing all the hard work, and the look of calmness.

Once during an experiment, the filming stopped because Kangin hurt himself. Everyone panicked and didn’t know what to do due to this sudden event. Leeteuk who was standing and watch at the side, told the workers beside him to get a warm towel. When he got the towel he used it to massage Kangin. “Don’t worry, he will be fine in a while.” Calmly handled everything well.

He is different from other hyungs. He is different from other leaders.
That’s his power. I can’t stop praising him after realizing this.

Recently, a lot of people ask me often “XXX is he really like this?” I can’t just judge people anymore. Like Leeteuk, before meeting him and working with him for some time, maybe many people had the ame idea as me. But every time meeting someone who dislike him, I would try to tell them what the real Leeteuk is like. Because, the short time I spent with him, I truly think he is a good person.

Numerous flexibility make up undestroyable, that’s what the real Leeteuk is like.

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