Friday, June 24, 2011

Seohyun cheered on Yonghwa for "Heartstrings" role..

Upcoming drama “Heartstrings” held its press conference on June 23rd, at the Novotel Ambassador Hotel in Seoul. At the event, Jung Yonghwa, who has taken on his first lead role for “Heartstrings”, has said that SNSD’s Seohyun had cheered him on for his upcoming drama.

He related the information during a press conference at the [insert name of complicated hotel] on the afternoon of the 23rd.

“I went to have my hair done and ran into Seohyun,” he said shyly. “She promised to cheer me on. She liked it, of course [TRANS.NOTE: Referring to him doing a drama].”

Jung Yonghwa, who gained much love for his portrayal of a married couple on MBC’s “We Got Married”, will be playing the role of “Lee Shin”, who is a popular student at a music school leading his own band.

also, reporters questioned Yong Hwa and co-star Park Shin Hye’srelationship. The two lead actors are known to be close friends since working on “You’re Beautiful” in 2009 with Hallyu stars Jang Geun Suk and FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki.

On various internet communities, many fans questioned whether Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye were in a relationship. Jung Yong Hwa answered, “I think that topic came up because we’re really close friends. I feel comfortable with her, just like I would be with any of my guy friends. I don’t have a lot of celebrity friends, and Park Shin Hye is one of them.”

Park Shin Hye replied, “I like Jung Yong Hwa as a friend, but no so much as a boyfriend. It’s because he’s type A [blood type],” garnering smiles and laughs from reporters. She added, “People also thought I was dating Jang Geun Suk, but that rumor started because we were close friends.

Yong Hwa will plays Lee Shin, the cold-hearted, snobby guitar prodigy. Park Shin Hye stars as the Lee Kyu Won, an energetic and full of life music student studying the gayageum, a traditional twelve-stringed Korean instrument. The two will share a bickering, yet cute romance as a college campus couple who share a passion for music and love. “Heartstrings” also stars Song Chang Ui, So Yi Hyun, Woori, and Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue. This highly anticipated youth melodrama will air its first episode next Wednesday, June 29th, on MBC at 9:55PM KST.

This drama will be air next week..i can't wait for it!! haha..but the teaser are killing me! i feel bad for hyun. hmmmmm...but, i'll still watch it for yong and minhyuk! keke..and for those reporters, do you still have to ask those questions about the relationship between yong and shin hye? ooww godddd its sucks ok? cant you guys see it? they are just close friend. she is just friendly, so do yonghwa. now it made me miss go minam and hwang taekyung already. keke
bbyong! <3

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