Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yongseo's couple stuff..part 2!

owwkkaaayyy...we'll continue with our cute couple stuff.

i personally like it when they wore a couple clothes..aren't they cute? and if u not realized, hyun always adapt to yong's dressing style so that she can be similar with her husband

remember this guitar?? yong bought this guitar for hyun in epsd 4. yong also make a wish for hyun to practice using this guitar and play falling slowly song in a month. and of course our genius hyun did it! once again in their last epsd hyun surprise her husband by playing their couple song, "banmal song" by using this guitar. soo sweet of hyun

this is the glasses that yonghwa gave to seohyun on their way to busan to visit yonghwa's mom. yong also said that this glasses remind him when the 1st time he saw seohyun at a book store long time ago before he debut. seohyun at that time was reading book with her red glasses while the other around her was sleeping. and from that moment he can never forget that such a beautiful girl..destiny were playing around them right??

this is another yongseo's cute stuff..whatever they wore or did together i find it cute...hahaha..of course! i'm a goguma villagers right??? kekeke...yongseo were the most cute with those headband!! aigooo..i want it too! and that couple apron are the gift from Hyeoyon unnie when the SNSD sister visit their new home..wanjjang kioppta!! keke..

i think that it from me...hrrmmmm..there is still another yongseo's cute stuffs but i'm being lazy already. haha..i'll update another yongseo's story next time..a cute video maybe?? keke..bbyong! <3

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