Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yongseo's couple stuff..kioppta!

kekeke..soo much yongseo post right?? its maybe bcoz of i feel like its a yongseo week(yongseo birthday), we'll start with their couple ring first

remember this ring? this is their new ring that seohyun bought as a gift to yonghwa for his birthday to replace their previous broken 2 dolar ring. keke

yongseo secret couple ring?? this is a new rumor..hihi. It is an eternity ring symbol of everlasting love.Given as a tangible symbol of the promise to love forever an eternity ring is a beautiful way to show the love of your life how much she means to you. omo omo..overdose romantic here. haha(evil laugh)

Rumour has it that the yongseo couple have stopped wearing couple rings, but changed to couple necklaces instead.but apparently the other CNblue members have a similar necklace as well..hmmmmm...whatever

there may be more couple stuff up people!!!!!Look at the band on their wrist!!!!! its similar right?? keke..

yongseo's earmuff..cute isn't it?? hyun look soo beautiful wearing this earmuff

yongseo couple muktori(scarf)!!! knitted special by yong seobang for his beloved hyun buin..where can we find other man like yong?? yong jjang!!

this is not the end. there are still more yongseo's couple stuff..i'll update later. promise!! tomorrow maybe..bbyong!! <3

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